John and Eleanor

John and Eleanor work as a team with John taking the lead in Germanna research. When traveling, they each carry a camera and the photos are about equally divided between them.

John published Beyond Germanna for fifteen years and contributed a major number of the articles based on his own research. Eleanor helped publish this by editing, folding, stamping, and licking envelopes. This was a hobby, not a business, but it was necessary to charge for it to recover some the considerable expenses involved.

John also writes a daily column (with a few interruptions) on the Internet about Gemanna which is distributed by RootsWeb. Copies of these notes are available in two on-line archives (see the page of links to external sources). Access to these archives is free.

The travels and the photography of John and Eleanor are a team effort. It is their dream to do more visiting and photographing. If you are curious as to what John and Eleanor look like, there are two photographs from their travels.

The source of the Sieg River with John Here is John drinking from the source of the Sieg River about thirty miles east of Siegen. The water seemed to be good for the health of Rev. Haeger so John thought he would try it.

Eleanor behind some bars Eleanor had some misadventures and had to spend some time behind the bars. It was safe as she could always go down to the dungeon and sleep on the rack.

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