Hebron Baptismal Register

Baptismal Register Cover

The German Lutheran Church in Spotsylvania, Orange, Culpeper, Madison Counties, in Virginia kept a baptismal register from 1750 to 1813. Besides the usual parents' names, the child's name, and the birth date and/or the baptismal date, and the sponsors in the original, this version of the register has the relationship of the sponsors to the parents, not to be found anywhere else. About 90% of the relationships have been identified.

This is valuable information as it has permitted more than a dozen people to be identified, especially women, whose identity had not been clear.

The name Hebron is in quotes because at the time of the entries the church was called the German Lutheran Church or simply Lutheran Church. The name Hebron did not come into usage until the middle of the nineteenth century.

The author has been a student of the community for more than fifteen years. This work reflects his desire to bring to the public the valuable information that he had found in the Baptismal Register. The book is fully indexed including the maiden names of women.

Bound in a soft cover, there are fifty-two 8.5" by 11" pages. The price is $14.00. It may be ordered from John Blankenbaker at P.O. Box 120, Chadds Ford, PA 19317.

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