Highlights of the Year 2003

January: A previously unpublished letter in German was translated by Andreas Mielke and reported as "Hold, Schmid, and Stoever as Historians of the Second Colony Congregation." This letter from 1734 gives the early history of the Second Colony. John Blankenbaker found interesting statistics for the village of Mundelsheim during the seventeenth-century which shows the effects of The Thirty Years' War. A summary of the known information about John Motz was given by John Blankenbaker. Robert Selig wrote "Servants in Eighteenth-Century Germany." Eleanor Rogers Edmonson gave an improved report on the early Crecelius family. Photos of Oberholzklau and of three German churches rounded out the issue.

March: Heinz Prinz, a native of Germany and a Trustee of the Germanna Foundation, wrote an article about the state of the area around Siegen in the early 1700s. This covered the political and economic situations.  John Blankenbaker used the baptismal and communion lists to reexamine the Matthias House family and shows it was very probable that Matthias was married three times. The Hebron church records were used also to help draw a picture of the Joseph Holtzclaw and Elizabeth Zimmerman family. Andreas Mielke translated documents which arose from the fund raising efforts of Zollickoffer in 1719-1720 in Europe. John Blankenbaker examines the question of who was J. Michael Schmidt who was the minister at Hebron in the time frame 1782 to 1785. John also examines the question of whether Matthias House married Mary Margretha Jaeckler. Photos and illustrations from the Siegen area helped to illustrate the article by Heinz Prinz. Photos of five villages associated with the Utz family concluded the 12 page issue.

May: The lead article shows the history of John Yager, Sr. of the "Piney Woods" which was researched and written by Jan Creek.  John Blankenbaker wrote up the findings of Nancy Dodge which shows the maiden name of Elizabeth who married Michael Yager (it was not Manspile). In an accompanying article, the maiden name of Susanna, the wife of Michael Utz, is disclosed. John, with James and Louise Hodge wrote, "Free Land." This last article used the decision at the Court of St. James's on 19 November 1729 to assist in telling how free land came about in Virginia for a period of time. Jim McNeil of Bristol, England, has been sending information about the "Bristol Merchants, Shipowners, and Investors" to the editor. There was significant information in these comments and an article was the result. Pictures of three Trupbach houses were included. A short note on Elizabeth, the wife of Peter Broyles, corrects errors in her parentage though it leaves open a complete description of her father.

July: Pastor Eberhard Krauss from Nuremberg gave a talk on the "Exiles from Gresten to Dietenhofen" which was translated by Elke Hall for Beyond Germanna.  More information on the Crecelius Family was added by Eleanor Rogers Edmonson. Sandra Yelton found several items in the Orange County records which have information pertaining to the Germanna colonists.  Michael Oddenino is a descendant of the artist who painted the ceiling of Hebron Church and he gives some of the history of the family including their connections to the Germanna colonists. Note is  taken of the death of Klaus Wust with an obituary of Klaus by Gary Carl Grassl.  Andreas Mielke translated the Deed Poll of Johann Justus Albrecht in 1711. This is a very early document of the Germanna Colonies history and it has never been completely given before. One of the men mentioned prominently in this is Johann Daniel Eberhardi and Andreas gives some of his history.  Andreas Mielke and Sandra Yelton interpret records from Craven County, North Carolina, showing that Johann Caspar Stoever had indeed been living in North Carolina. Dr. Donald J. Martin extends the Aylor-Snyder Ancestry in Germany. Andreas Mielke, with the help of many other individuals, starts a listing of the publications of Klaus Wust. A map of Austria concludes this fourteen page issue.

September.  John Blankenbaker wrote an article which details the two wives of Henry Wayman.  Cathi Clore Frost identified the husband of Mary Lederer who had previously been known as only Mr. Yowell.  John Blankenbaker presented evidence to show who the nine children of John Henry Huffman and Elizabeth Schuster were. This made extensive use of the Baptismal Register at Hebron Church.  Sandra Yelton gave an Orange County court case in 1741 which has the names of many Germanna residents. Andreas Mielke, through the use of many old letters from Germany, details the history of Rev. Henry Haeger in last years in Germany. Another part of the Klaus Wust bibliography was given. The issue concluded with a note, including photos, of Oberfischbach, the last home in Germany of Rev. Haeger.

November. Andreas Mielke and Sandra Yelton report on the appearance of several Second Colony members in the London church books in 1717. Andreas and Elke Hall translated the list of emigrants from Gemmingen that is found in the Church Book. John Blankenbaker translated the appearances of Joseph Weber and his wife Susanna Klaar at the baptisms of their six children in Gemmingen. Andreas Mielke surveys the Lutheran churches in London which have a relevance for Germanna history. John Gott, who met Klaus Wust as Klaus arrived at Bridgewater College, gave some of his remembrances. Andreas Mielke found an old letter from North Carolina which tells something about the state of events in Virginia in 1716. The contents of this letter tell us that some revisions are necessary to Virginia history. Another letter reports on the state of Virginia in 1721. Both of the letters emphasize the role of Alexander Spotswood. Andreas Mielke, Sandra Yelton, and John Blankenbaker report the failure of some Germans in 1717 to be able to continue on to Virginia though they later came to Virginia. Of the remaining items, the most important perhaps is the annual surname index.

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