Highlights of the Year 2002

January: This entire issue was devoted to different aspects of the Gaar family who came from Illenschwang, Bavaria. They first moved to Pennsylvania and, within a short time, to the Robinson River Valley in Virginia. There is a very extensive history of the ancestry of Andreas Gaar and his wife Eva Seidelmann in Bavaria (thanks to the research of the Theodore Walker family) which is reported. The path of migration within Bavaria is followed. The first three generations in America are presented. One passenger on the ship Loyal Judith that brought the Gaars was Johann Christian Schultz who played an important role in the history of the Germanna Lutherans. The history of Schultz is told by Andreas Mielke.

March: The steps that William Carpenter had to undergo to achieve ordination, including a time table of the events, are told by Andreas Mielke. Nancy Moyers Dodge had an article, "The Moyers of Jefferson and Greene Counties in Tennessee." More information on the Gaars was given by documents from  Germany. Years ago, the Rev. William J. Hinke translated a letter from (Rev.) Johann Friedrich Häger to Mr. Chamberlayne. This is reproduced for the information it sheds on the senior Rev. Henry Häger of the First Germanna Colony besides on the son. Andreas Mielke summarizes information on Johann Friedrich Häger.

May: John Blankenbaker wrote a note on "The Germanna Colonies" which summarizes their history. Several people collaborated on the article, "Michael Holt and Elizabeth Scheible." Ellen John wrote "Mary Margaret Fisher" to clarify the name which has been given erronously in many places (Mary Margaret Fisher married Nicholas Wilhoit). Robert Selig wrote "Food and Agriculture in Eighteenth Century Germany." The statement of Johann Justus Albrecht and Jacob Holtzclaw in the Essex County Will Book 16 is reproduced with the aim of ascertaining the dates that the First Colony worked at mining and quarrying. Andreas Mielke wrote "When Did Reverend Stoever Die?"

July: A major article on John Yager was commenced by Elizabeth Yates Johnson. This corrected a serious error in the Yager genealogy. The full name of the article is "John Yager (1750-1816) of Culpeper County, VA, Laurens County, SC, and Lincoln County, TN." Andreas Mielke reported on "German Documents Relating to Zollikoffer's European Mission, 1719-20." There are several more documents than are usually given in the history. One document, "The Petition by Heinrich Häger, Johann Jost Merdten, and Hans Jacob Richter in 1719," had been given incorrectly. The correct version, including a translation into English, is given. Several photos taken by John and Eleanor Blankenbaker during their trips to Germany are reproduced. In this issue, photos from Falkenstein (Nicholas Yager) and from Klings (Cyriacus Fleshman) are reproduced in black and white.

September: Andreas Mielke used a humorous title to introduce the two delegates from Virginia who went to London in 1726 to seek a Lutheran minister. The title is "No Man-Eaters in Virginia." John Blankenbaker described Ortssippenbücher which, when available, are an important source of information from German churches. He illustrated the use with notes on the Scheible family. Elizabeth Johnson continued her Yager article from the previous issue with an emphasis on the immediate descendants of John Yager.  Linda Nelson and John Blankenbaker had a note on "The Battern Family of Madison County, Virginia." Cathi Clore Frost wrote "The Children of Michael Clore and Margaret Weaver." Photos from Neuenbürg and Eisern round out the issue.

November: Andreas Mielke continued with the visit of the two deputies to London. Thanks to a recently found letter, he was able to name the delegates as Cyriacus Fleshman and John Motz. John Blankenbaker gave a few lists which cover the confirmations and baptisms in the German Lutheran Church outside Madison, Virginia, in the period after William Carpenter left. Cathi Clore Frost continued her Clore research with "Parentage of Michael (Big Mike) Clore." John Blankenbaker gave selections of information on the Rookstool family from the church records in Virginia.  It is noted by John Blankenbaker that there may be a possible connection between Theobald Christler and Johann Caspar Stöver, Jr. The annual surname index is included and the issue is concluded with photographs from Ostheim and Herborn.

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