Highlights of the Year 2001

January: Rev. Marietta Mansfield, D.D., wrote about Conrad Kuntzley who emigrated from Germany to Augusta County, Virginia, to 'Madison' County, Virginia, and then to Barren County, Kentucky (this family became known as Kinslow). Linda Hope dispelled the idea that the Kinslow and Kincheloe families were the same. John T. Humphrey wrote a note about Philadelphia in the mid-eighteenth century. John Blankenbaker wrote, "When Did Virginia Become a Producer of Iron?" This was was illustrated with fifty years of history from the House of Lords. He also wrote, "Tax List for Trupbach in the year 1566." Documents pertaining to the fund-raising trip for the German Lutheran Church in Virginia were reproduced.

March: Charline Robinson Kvapil wrote about Levi Huffman, grandson of John Huffman the 1714 immigrant to Virginia. John Blankenbaker wrote about the family of George Utz and Mary Kaefer. John T. Humphrey wrote, "Eighteenth Century Rural Life for Germanna Immigrants." John Blankenbaker wrote about the rise of guilds in Germany. Nancy Dodge with John Blankenbaker gave a communicant list for 1787 for the Lutheran Church of Culpeper County, Virginia.

May: Lynnea Dickinson wrote, "Research on the Jesse Berry and Anna Miller Family." John Blankenbaker wrote, "Tracing the Blankenbuehlers (Plankenbichlers) Through Europe." He also wrote a note, "How Do You Spell That?" He wrote about Neuenbuerg which was the village of origin for many Germnna immigrants. Another note by him was on the history of Lower Austria. The testimony of William Byrd before the Commissioners for Trade and Plantations was reproduced.

July: Rebecca Hilbert wrote, "Corrections and Additions to the Henry Huffman Descendants." John Blankenbaker wrote about cooking and heating in the Hans Herr House (built 1719) which was illustrated with two photos. "The Case and Petition of Col. Alex. Spotswood, late Lt. Governor of Virginia, to The King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council" was reproduced from material in the Public Record Office in London. John Blankenbaker wrote, "The Journyman." Barbara Kollhoff wrote about her trip to Germany. John Blankenbaker wrote, "The Johann Jacob Kneissle Family." Mary Collins wrote, "Jonas Racer and Virinda Weaver." John Blankenbaker wrote, "To Sleep, Perchance to Dream." He also wrote about eighteen century German passenger traffic at Philadelphia.

September: John Blankenbaker with the assistance of Richard and Gisela Plankenbuehler wrote, "The Origins of the Blankenbaker Family in America." John also wrote about the communion lists at the 'Hebron' Church in Culpeper and Madison Counties, Virginia. He illustrated the implied evidence in such lists with an illustration. Then he applied the communion lists to find the wife of Peter Fleshman, the young 1717 immigrant.

November: The attendance at the communion lists for Hebron in the period 1775 to 1812 was used to illustrate the problems of language in a church in the throes of conversion from German to English. John Blankenbaker wrote, "The Earliest Written Appearance of the Planckenbuehler - Blankenbaker Surname?" using a court document supplied by Richard and Gisela Plankenbuehler. John gave some comments on the Tanners in the communion lists at the German Lutheran Church in the Robinson River Valley. This was accompanied by two genealogical charts of the early generations. Barbara Rector Hill wrote, "George Rector." John Blankenbaker wrote, "The Agrarian Class Structure." The year concluded with the annual surname index.

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