Highlights of the Year 2000

January: Several people worked together to give Part I of the Lotspeich Family. John Blankenbaker examined the arrivals of Germans at Philadelphia from 1727 to 1741 and drew conclusions about the patterns and frequency of ships. Brigitte Wiehle had an interesting short note on infant mortality. Suzanne Collins Matson discussed the Green manuscripts which help to tie Fauquier County and South Carolina together. Brenda J. Thomas wrote, "The First Wife of Bennett Rector." Ruth Blankenbaker reported on the "James T. and Eliza (Christler) Blankenbaker Bible." A chart of the first three generations of the second family of 1714er John Hoffman was given.

March: Shirley Venick reported on some Garr/Gaar families that are not included in the Garr Genealogy. John Blankenbaker supported this with short notes.  Julius Spradling wrote, "The Family of Thomas Huffman." John Blankenbaker had a note on the size of seventeenth century ships used in crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Part II of the Lotspeich Family continued the story on them. John Blankenbaker wrote about the high turnover of ship masters. Jean Peters wrote, "William and Margaret (Weaver) Wilson." A start was made on reproducing "The Will of Johann Caspar Stover" by Rev. William J. Hinke. One page in the register of the German Lutheran Church in the Robinson River Valley (Hebron) gives the family of Adam Yager and this is reproduced both as an image and transcribed. Evelyn Rector Schmidt wrote, "Cumberland Rector."

May: Robert  Selig wrote about transatlantic travel in the eighteenth century. John Blankenbake wrote about the wife of Conrad Kuenzle (and corrected an error in the transcription of the baptismal records). The third and concluding part of "The Lotspeich Family" was in the issue. Marilyn Hartley wrote, "Missing Utterbacks." James Rector Cremeans wrote, "James Rector." The second part of the will of Johann Caspar Stover was given. A special supplement was included with the May issue to show pictures from Europe and to discuss some aspects of Brawdus Martin.

July: John Blankenbaker wrote, "Gresten, Austria, and Dietenhofen, Germany" which was illustrated with maps and photos. Photos of several gravestones in Lonnerstadt, Germany, showed many Germanna names. Wanda Cunningham wrote "Who Was Agnes Harnsberger?" which solved another mystery. William Carpenter's will was reproduced with a story by John F. Tillery and John Blankenbaker. (This was the senior William Carpenter.) Elke Hall and John Blankenbaker went together on "History of the Markt Gresten in Lower Austria."

September: Several people collaborated on "The Railsback Family." Elke Hall and John Blankenbaker wrote, "The Peasant Uprising (Der Bauernkrieg)." John wrote, "Trupbach, Germany" which discussed the houses in Trupbach and when they were built. This also included a map of the old village (which is still valid today). John, with Stephen Jacobson, also wrote, "The Silver Mine of 1713." This included a plot of where the land lay. John had a note on "Migration Patterns." Jeffrey G. Jewell and others had an article on "The Family of Conrad Kinslow."

November: John Blankenbaker wrote, "The Aftermath of The Thirty Years' War." John also a piece on the "Occupations in Trupbach in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries." This included the names of the men who were following the occupations. Ernest Q. Petry, Jr. wrote, "Corrections to the Descendants of Charles Spilman and Elizabeth Fishback." David Beatty with John Blankenbaker wrote about the Henry Huffman Bottle. This was illustrated with photos of the bottle. John with Elke Hall wrote, "Natualizations of Some Germanna Citizens." The issue ended with the surname index for the volume.

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