Highlights of the Year 1999

January: Using Aaron Spencer Fogleman's book, Hopeful Journys, John Blankenbaker wrote an article entitled "Causes of German Emigration." The distribution of Germanna names in Germany was studied for about twenty names. Robert Selig wrote about Georg Daniel Flohr and Flohr's observations on America. Several people collaborated on "George Samuel Klug."

March: Ann Nunamaker Smith wrote about Samuel Blankenbaker, son of Jacob and grandson of John Nicholas. The Crecelius Family was the subject of an article to which several people contributed. John Blankenbaker wrote about the Lehman Family. Robert Selig wrote "18th Century European and American Currencies." The records in 1714 John Hoffman's Bible were reproduced from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography.  Anita Schmidt wrote "Joel Albert Rouse."

May: James and Louise Hodge wrote "Charles Frady (Carl Simon Wrede)." This man was a British auxiliary in the Revolution who chose to live in America. Twelve German names were plotted to show their distribution in Germany. John Blankenbaker wrote an article "Husbands and Wives" which corrects several errors in the history of the Blankenbaker and other families. This article was in two parts with an Appendix. The discussion of the Lehman family, started in the March issue, was continued and concluded.

July: Carol Ann Burdine wrote Part I of "The Burdyne/Burdine Family." Several people contributed to "Parentage of Michael ('Big Mike') Clore." A map of the Rhine River showing some of the major towns along the river was given. Clovis  Miller wrote, "Harman Miller." Material by Robert Rabe was adapted for a short note on "Historical Perspectives." Cheri Casper wrote "Peter Casper." The names of the communicants at the Hebron Church on the 25th Sunday after Trinity in 1799 were given.

September: The Hodges (see May above) wrote more about Carl Simon Wrede from Brunswick in Germany. Carol Ann Burdine continued her work on the Burdyne/Burdine family. Peggy Shock wrote "Descendants of Eric Bach." Cheri Casper wrote Part II of "Peter Casper." John Blankenbaker pulled together several sources for a note on Johann Friedrich Baumgärtner. Then a chart of the first three generations (plus one family in the fourth generation) of the Baumgärtners was given.

November: John Blankenbaker did a long analysis of the Baptismal Register of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Culpeper County (known familiarly as Hebron). A three generation chart of the Richter (Rector) family was given. The volume concluded with the annual surname index.

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