Highlights of the Year 1998

January: Klaus Wust started the new volume with an engrossing article on the terrible year of 1738 for trans-Atlantic crossings. The article was named "The Year of the Destroying Angels - 1738." Jimmy L. Veal reported on research in Germany on the origins of the Hold/Holt family. Cynthia Crigler asked, "Who Was Margaret Aylor?"

March: Thomas Mack Wilhoite died in the US Navy during WWII. A destroyer escort was named after him. His story and a picture of the ship are shown in the issue. Several people worked together for "Michael Myers of Rowan County, North Carolina." Part II of Klaus Wust's work on the "The Year of the Destroying Angel - 1738" was included. The disaster to the ship Oliver impacted the Germanna community severely. The names of the would-be immigrants are given. A map of the Landkreis Siegen shows the settled areas around Siegen for several miles.

May: Using the material which Klaus Wust supplied, John Blankenbake put together an article on "The Voyage of the Oliver," the story of the disaster that killed so many potential Germanna citizens. He also wrote, with the help of Joy Q. Stearns, "Refinements on 'Where Did the Colony of 1717 First Settle?' "  This included a map of the general area and a plot of two homes. The Moravian Missionaries made trips through "Germanna-land" and wrote about they found. Excerpts from this are published in the issue. The John Huffman grant of 1753 is plotted by John Blankenbaker. Cathi Clore Frost forwarded the family history from the Howard Clore (Sr.) Family Bible.

July: Louise Hodge and Steve Frady reported their findings in "The Search for Charles Frady." The GermanNames (TM) software program was described and an application, using the name Vrede, was shown. Several people went together and answered the question about Margaret Aylor and identified her. Robert Rabe wrote, "The Taxman Cometh." The statement of Carlo Toriano with regards to the voyage of the Oliver was included. An opposing view of this voyage was taken from the Suther Diary Account.

September: Carolyn Frazee and Tom Deeter wrote, "Mathias Weaver, Jr. and Eleanor Wayland." Ryan Stansifer wrote, "Johannes Steinseifer (1698-1757)." Donald Brown wrote, "Haman Miller." The distributions of several German names in Germany were plotted. A map of the Rhine River was given. John C. Wilhite, Jr. wrote, "The Case of George Wilhoit."

November: Robert Selig wrote, "Georg Daniel Flohr" which is the story of a British auxiliary who returned after the Rev. War and studied theology under William Carpenter. Mary Padget wrote, "Michael Klug and Elizabeth Fisher." Craig M. Kilby wrote, "Frances Sparks, The Wife of Jacob Aylor." John Blankenbaker wrote, "Communication Among the Eighteenth Century Germans." John Blankenbaker plotted more than 112 parcels of land in Madison County, Virginia. The issue concluded with the annual surname index.

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