Headlights of the Year 1997

January: Elke Hall translated the "Church Order" which was an early constitution for the German Lutheran Church in the Robinson River Valley. This was a major undertaking which included the names of the male members of the church in 1776. It is of interest that this was done 27 May 1776 which preceded the work at Philadelphia. John Alcock continued his Rector researches with "The Sons of Harmon Rector." Hallie Price Garner wrote a note on Zachariah Blankenbeckler, a grandson of John Nicholas Blankenbeckler who immigrated in 1714.

March: Extracts from Gottlieb Mittelberger's "Journey to Pennsylvania" were given. John Blankenbaker wrote, "A Trilogy of Family Stories," based on Martin Walk, George Trumbo, and Christopher Leyrle.  He also wrote, "Early Patents in Madison County, Virginia, Part IV, which was accompanied by a plot. Membership in four (92, 93, 94, 95) of the Culpeper Classes was given. Pat Holtzclaw Hartgrove wrote, "Rabbit Holes," which tells about a couple of Holtzclaws in Texas.

May: James E. Brown wrote, "The German Estate of Lewis Fisher of Culpeper County, Virginia." Tommie Brittain wrote, "Uriah and Maximillian Rector." John P. Alcock wrote, "The Father of Uriah Rector," a piece of ground breaking research. Jeffrey W. Aylor wrote, "James Aylor of Boone County, Kentucky." Excerpts from the diary and account book of Johannes Wilhelm Hoffman (brother of 1714 John Hoffman) based on the Charles Zahn translation were presented. Much earlier, Prof William J. Hinke had written, "Agreement Between the Rev. John Casper Stoever and His Wife," and this was reproduced. John Blankenbaker wrote a short note on the attempt to rewrite the history of the Germanna Foundation.

July: Cynthia Crigler wrote, "The Jacob Crigler Family." John Blankenbaker wrote,"The Baptisms of the Children of Christopher Crigler," and a short note on the Finks family. Clovis Miller wrote, "John Frederick Miller" (J. F. Miller was a 1738 immigrant). A note from the Earl of Orkney to the King dated 5 May 1726 was reproduced. Culpeper Classes 75 and 76 were reproduced. The petition of Alexander Spotswood to the King was reproduced.

September: John Blankenbaker, using material from the Public Record Office in London, wrote, "Captain Scott or Captain Tarbett?" Two supporting documents from the PRO were reproduced. Franklin H. Cochran wrote, "George Teter of the Robinson River Settlement in Virginia." A short note on John Gerhard was included. John Blankenbaker wrote and plotted, "Early Patents in Madison County, Virginia."

November: Nancy Dodge wrote, "George Moyer, 1717 Colonist." Joan Hackett wrote, "Isham Tatum." A second part of Gottlieb Mittelberger's "Journal [sic] to Pennsylvania" was given. John Blankenbaker wrote about the "Early Documents of the Gaar/Garr Family." Culpeper Classes 88, 89, 90, and 91 were given. The year closed with the annual surname index.

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