Highlights of the Year 1996

January: William Martin continued with his series on the "History of the First Settlers at Germanna,Virginia." John Blankenbaker plotted the location of the "Silver Mine Patent" in which Spotswood and Graffenried were partners (with others). Culpeper Classes 33, 34, 35, and 36 were given. These men lived in the Little Fork area. Ronald Cornwell wrote, "Abraham Wilhoit." Wanda Cunningham continued her multipart article on "John Harnsberger . . ." The contents of the "John Fishback Family Bible" as copied out by John Gott are shown.

March: Barbara Vines Little solved a problem by finding that one John Rector was really two John Rectors in "How Many John Rectors?" More Rector history was corrected in a note by John Alcock. The Germantown Highway marker was dedicated. A picture shows the marker. William Martin has Part III of "History of the First Settlers at Germanna, Virginia." The "State of Virginia  in 1721" refers to conditions in Virginia taken from a report to King George. "The Jemima Martin Bible" was reproduced. Robert Vernon wrote the first part of, "How Land Was Granted in Colonial Virginia."

May: At the dedication of the Germantown Highway Marker, John Blankenbaker gave a dedication speech. This is reproduced as the first article in the May issue. William Martin continued with "History of the First Settlers at Germanna, Virginia." Michael Beall wrote, "The Children of Samuel and Susannah Martin of Woodford County, Kentucky." A number of the Revolutionary War claims from the Robinson River Valley are given.  Dr. Alfred Kuby wrote, "Life in a Palatine Town in the Sixteen Hundreds." [This is article is copyrighted by him.] Robert Vernon continues with Part II of "How Land Was Granted in Colonial Virginia."

July: William R. Yeager, Jr. wrote, "Corrections to the Yager History." Robert Vernon continued with Part III of "How Land Was Granted in Colonial Virginia." John Blankenbaker gave a revised version of the D. R. Carpenter map of the "Earliest Patents of Madison Co., VA." Lucie Jenkins Johnson wrote, "Tobias Wilhite, Grandson of Johann Michael Willheit." A photo of the church in Gemmingen is given. Michael Beall wrote the second part of "The Children of Samuel and Susannah Martin of Woodford County, Kentucky." The members of Culpeper Classes 37, 70, 73, and 74 are listed. (The first is from the Little Fork and the other three are from the Robinson River Valley.) A three generation chart of Johannes Henrich Hofmann (Henry Huffman) is presented. Emma-Jo L. Davis wrote, "James Holtzclaw."

September: Selections from the colonial records were made by John Blankenbaker in "The Consequence of the Plantation Trade." A selection from the John Henry County Map of Virginia, 1770, is given in map and text (the map has many errors in it). A short note on "Ann Margaret Bunger" was given by John Blankenbaker. He also gave some selections from wills for John Garrett, Michal Myers, and Mary Myers. John also plotted "Early Patents in Madison Co., Virginia" which covered the northern part of the 'Hebron' Valley.

November: John Blankenbaker wrote, "The Family of Lewis Fisher and Anna Barbara Blankenbaker." He also plotted more of the early patents in the Robinson River Valley. And he wrote a note, "Where Was Germanna Located?" The issue concluded with the annual surname index.

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