Highlights of the Year 1995

January: Wanda Cunningham gave us Part I of "John Harnsberger, 1717 Germanna Colonist . . " Karl R. Hume wrote, "George (Hume) Home, Surveyor." Selections from the Vestry minutes of St. Mark's Parish were reproduced. A review of DeedMapper (TM) software was made by Barbara Vines Little. Nancy Upshaw wrote, "What is Truth?" Echo M. Mallery wrote, "Christopher Barlow, Revolutionary War Pension Application W8341." John Blankenbaker wrote a note on copyrights.

March: Karl R. Hume continued the work on the Hume family with the article, "Hume and Wilhoit/Wilhite Connections." A three generation chart from Hans Jacob Richter was given. (Later research shows that this chart has some errors in it.) John Alcock wrote, "Another Word on John Rector (1711-1773)" John Blankenbaker wrote, "Notes on John Thomas.""From Master Tailor to Night Watchman" was taken from the work of Robert Rabe. Darryl J. Diemer reported on the Revolutionary War pension application of Samuel Carpenter.

May: John Blankenbaker gave a story on three women, Barbara Carpenter, Rosina Crisler, and Elizabeth Finks, who were sitting together at church on Easter Sunday in 1776. John Blankenbaker plotted and wrote about Col. Alexander Spotswood's 40,000 acre tract (sometimes called the Spotsylvania tract). Spotswood used forty-eight names as headrights in a patent application for land. All are believed to be members of the 1717 colony and their names are given. Part I of "John Fontaine's Trip to Germanna" was given. John Blankenbaker wrote about The Culpeper Classes and gave the members of three classes, numbers 34, 71, and 72 which were from the Little Fork and the Robinson River Valley.

July: The Sutherlands reported on "The Timothy Swindle Family." Benjamin F. Dake, III wrote, "A Possible Connection Between the Button and Jung (Young) Families . . ." Wanda Cunningham continued her work on John Harnsberger. The second part of John Fontaine's trip to Germanna was given. John Blankenbaker wrote about and plotted the Germanna Patent.

September: James E. Brown wrote, "Proofs of Importations of Germans, Spotsylvania County, Virginia, 1724-1729." (Note: Thomas Wayland was missed in this report, see page 435 of BG.) From one of these courthouse records it was shown, graphically, that the reading was ". . . in Capt. Scott. ." and not the widely reported "with Capt. Scott." John Blankenbaker wrote about and plotted Conrad Amberger's Mt. Pony patent.  Nancy Stanberry wrote, "The Richard Burdyne Family." Spotswood's travels on behalf of the public service of Virginia was reproduced from the W & M Q. The Ellen Francis (Blankenbaker) Clore Bible family history was reproduced. Klaus Ahne wrote, "The Beginnings of German Emigration to America."

November: William A. Martin started a multiple part series on "History of the First Settlers at Germanna, Virginia." John Blankenbaker wrote "Michel's Exporation of the Shenandoah Valley" which includes a map to be found in the Public Record Office in London. Jane Crouch Williams wrote about Lewis Wayland, Sr. Wanda Cunningham continued her work on John Harnsberger. Frances L. Franklin wrote about John Burdyne. The issue and the volume were concluded with the surname index.

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