Highlights of the Year 1994

January: James E. Brown wrote an article against the concept that there were two Ludwig Fishers in the early Robinson River settlement. Selections from the Mennonite Research Journal were used in "Crossing the Atlantic Ocean in 1710." From notes left by B. C. Holtzclaw, the editor put together an article, "The Delph Family." This was accompanied by a three generation chart starting with Conrad Delph and his wife Anna Magdalena Castler. The first note on the Crecelius family appeared thanks to Loraine Rae. John Blankenbaker wrote, "Two Hundred and Eighty Years Ago," which pertains to the trip of the First Colony from Siegerland to Virginia.

March: Part I of "Away, I'm Bound Away: Virginia and the Westward Movement" appeared thanks to Charles F. Bryan, Jr.  A second installment (see January) on the Delph family appeared. Selections from Gabriel Thomas' writings about Pennsylvania in 1698 were used in an article. Part II of the series entitled, "Two Hundred and Eighty Years Ago," appeared.

May: For the Mother's Day's issue, a generally unrecognized mother, Burga Weaver, is honored. Charles Bryan continued with the article that he started in March. A third installment on the Delph family appeared. The life of David Tannenberg, the builder of the organ in Hebron church, is told. John Blankenbaker wrote, "The Wife of Anthony Berry." Part III of the series, "Two Hundred and Eighty Years Ago," appeared. Prof. William Hinke had translated a report of Rev. John Casper Stover written in 1737 and this is reproduced from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography.

July: The Hebron Church (as it is called now) had financial records for the early years when Rev. Stover was with the congregation. These have been preserved in Orange County Court House. The first of a two-part article which includes all of the material starts in this issue. Charles Bryan concludes his three-part article on Virginia and the Westward Movement. A fourth installment on the Delph family appeared. Another installment of "Two Hundred and Eighty Years Ago" is given.

September: The second part of the Hebron Church account is given. The fifth installment on the Delph family is given in the issue. William R. Yeager wrote on "James Yager." Karen Bowman wrote on "Adam and Tabitha (Vawter) Rouse." The series on "Two Hundred and Eighty Years Ago" is concluded and additonal comments from the Fauquier Heritage Society News are included.

November: Dorothy Amburgey Griffith wrote on Conrad Amberger. John Alcock wrote Part 2 of "The Wives of John (s/o John Jacob) Rector." John Blankenbaker wrote a short note, "John Aple (Apple) and the Miller Family." After the series on the Delph family by B. C. Holtzclaw ended, other contributors added more information. Phyllis Tanner Scott wrote, "Finding Peter and Hannah Hitt." A list of potential Revolutionary War soldiers from the Germanna community is given but no evidence is included. The issue and the year conclude with the surname index.

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