Highlights of the Year 1993

January: Johann Justus Albrecht wrote a document in 1712 in London  in German. Elke Hall translated this as the first article in 1993 for Beyond Germanna. The title of the work was "The Shareholder's Book." Olin L. Hupp wrote about the Hupp family of Washington County, Pennsylvania, who lived previously in the Germanna community. Douglas Stanford continued his work on the location of Fort Germanna. A list of the early births recorded at Hopeful Lutheran Church in Boone County, Kentucky was presented. A three generation chart of the descendants of Johann Michael Willheit and his wife Anna Maria Hengsteller was given.

March: A second part on the Hupp family was written by Olin Hupp. Doug Sanford wrote another part on Fort Germanna. More births from Hopeful Lutheran Church in Boone Co., KY were given. John Blankenbaker wrote, "Was William Carpenter, Sr. Twice Married?" (The answer is now generally considered to be in the negative.) A three generation chart of John Carpenter who married Anna Barbara Kerker was given. (The 'Carpenter' family at Germanna descends from John and Anna Barbara.)

May: Maria Sabina Charlotta Barbara Volck (aka Folg) was discussed. William W. Hoffman wrote, "The Hoffmans of Northern Kentucky." A three generation chart of John Hoffman and Maria Sabina Charlotta Barbara Volck was given. (This chart was revised later; also John Hoffman had other children by his first wife.) James E. Brown wrote, "Alexander Spotswood vs. Members of the German Colony of 1717" which describes the lawsuits by Spotswood and their outcomes. Olin Hupp wrote, "Settlement of Southwest Pennsylvania." Excerpts from L. F. Bittinger's "The Germans in Colonial Times" were reproduced.

July: Dusslingen was the home of the Broyles family and the  village is described by Elke Hall in a translation from a local history in German. A three generation chart of John Broyles and his wife Ursula Ruop was given. The work of two people, B. C. Holtzclaw and Ritchie Sipes, were used in "The Bunger Family." Edith H. Garrison gave us "Corrections to the George Hoffman Family." Using information from John Gott, the lawsuit between McCormack and Kemper was described. Mary F. Mickey wrote, "Descendants of Georg Willert / Willheit of Schwaigern, Wuerttemberg as Shown in the Records of Evangelical Lutheran Church."

September: Douglas Sanford gave more material pertaining to the location of Fort Germanna. (Apparently, Spotswood's home lay across one line of the palisade.) A three generation chart of Peter Weaver, the youthful immigrant of 1717, was given. Benjamin F. Dake, III, wrote, "When Did Elias Weaver and His Wife Hanna Clore Die?" John Toler and John Gott wrote, "Fauquier's Arkansas Connection."

November: Douglas Sanford continued with the analysis of the location of Fort Germanna. (A long list of references that he used is given.) John Blankenbaker wrote, "Col. Alexander Spotswood's Land Acquisitions" which was based on his letters  of 1724 to Col. Harrison and to the Board of Trade.  The annual surname index concluded the volume.

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