Highlights of the Year 1992

January: David Shultze, a German farmer in Pennsylvania, kept a diary of daily events. Highlights for one year, 1750, of this are reproduced. B. C. Holtzclaw continued his work on the 1717 Matthew Smith family. From the Draper files, the account of Abraham Thomas entitled "An Account of Pioneer Life and Experience" is reproduced. The names who signed the 1776 petition to the Common Wealth of Virginia for relief from the parish taxes are given. A short note on Fort Germanna is included.

March: B. C. Holtclaw continued his work on the Matthew Smith family. James F. McJohn wrote, "John Rector." (This is the Rector who arrived in 1734.) Darryl J. Diemer identified the wife of Peter Fleshman, Jr.  John Blankenbaker wrote a note on "Motivations for Building Fort Germanna." Darryl Diemer gave a short note on Joel Smith and Noah Smith. Gene Dear gave a short note on Jacob Fishback and Hannah Huffman.

May: John Blankenbaker wrote, "The Widow Thomas." A three generation chart of her descendants, not complete, was also given. B. C. Holtzclaw continued his work on the 1717 Michael Smith. Gene Dear wrote, "John Swindle and Hannah Weaver." Doris Schultz wrote, "Col. John Nisewanger." James F. McJohn wrote, "Lucinda Rector." Statements of Rev. H. Max Lentz on the Lutheran Churches in Boone County, Kentucky were included. This last piece included the first constitution of the Hopeful Church.

July: Darryl J. Diemer wrote about the English Smith family in the Robinson River Valley which included a few Germans as spouses. Gene Dear wrote about John Fishback and Patty Pickett. John Blankenbaker reproduced some Essex County extracts that referred to the Germanna settlers. A short note on the legal status of single women was reproduced with adaptations. Col. James W. Barnett wrote, "Genealogy Software for Personal Computers." Gene Dear wrote, "William and Nelly Yowell." A short note on the early currency of the colonies during the Revolutionary was reproduced.

September: B. C. Holtzclaw wrote about the Beemon family of the Robinson River Valley. John Blankenbaker added comments based on the records at the German Lutheran Church in Culpeper County. Margaret Squires wrote, "The Third Wife of John Zimmerman (grandson of the immigrant Christopher)." Harvey Lineback gave a short note on Peter Pinnegar. Stephen Broyles presented a speculative note on the children of Conrad Briles. John Blankenbaker wrote a short note, "The Ironmine Land." Comments on the first home of the Second Germanna Colony were included. Douglas Sanford started a series on the evidence for the location of Fort Germanna. Nan Kangas wrote about presenting one's evidence.

November: Doug Sanford continued "Evidence for the Location of Fort Germanna." Earl J. Hitt wrote, "Peter Hitt, 1714 Immigrant." John Blankenbaker generated a three generation chart (downward) for John Jacob Holtzclaw. The year concluded with the surname index for the volume.

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