Highlights of the Year 1991

January: Gene Dear found information on Benjamin Hoffman and Joseph Carpenter which he reported. Ellie Caroland gave information on Mary Barlow Millibank. Virginia Vance Lovett wrote, "Jacob Blankenbaker." John Blankenbaker wrote, "Col. Alexander Spotswood and Iron, Part 1." A short note, accompanied by a photograph by James Barnett, on Hueffenhardt appeared.

March: The Jacob Holtzclaw naturalization papers were reproduced. John Blankenbaker wrote about his concerns in the Cree, Garr, and Tivall families. Gene Dear wrote, "The Ziegler/Ziglar Family." John Blankenbaker wrote, "Headrights." He also wrote the second part of the article on Spotswood and iron. A note and photo about Zaberfeld were included.

May: Margaret Brown Altendahl wrote about Susanna Clore Weaver Crigler Yager.  Gene Dear wrote, "Frederick and Judith Zimmerman." John Blankenbaker wrote, "Booby Traps in the Field of Evidence." Gene Dear reported on the Virginia Supreme Court decision in the case of Blankenbaker vs. Blankenbaker. John Blankenbaker wrote the third part of Spotswood and iron.

July: Sally T. Baughn wrote, "Eve Baumgardner Boughan." Stephen Broyles wrote, "Additional Evidence on the Broyles/Briles Family." Gene Dear wrote, "George Razor, the Immigrant." A note on Cleebronn with a photo was included. A few road orders in Madison County were given. John Blankenbaker wrote, "Free Land."

September: Several notices on Gary Zimmerman, John Kemper, and German immigration in 1717 led off the issue. Stephen Broyles wrote, "Calender Confusion." John Blankenbaker wrote, "The Reiner Family." Patricia Pataky wrote a note about the will of Eleanor Wayland Weaver. A note and photograph (by Janet Green) on Neuenbuerg was included. John Blankenbaker wrote about the Northern Neck which was accompanied by a small map.

November: John Blankenbaker wrote about migration in Germany prior to emigration to America. Stephen Broyles wrote, "Good Deeds." B. C. Holtzclaw wrote, "Descendants of Matthew Smith, the 1717 Colonist." This last article concentrated on Nicholas Smith and his descendants. The year and volume closed with the surname index.

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