Highlights of the Year 1990

January: John K.Gott submitted material which became "The Wives of John (s/o John Jacob) Rector. The pros and cons of doing one's own German research were discussed by Jean Zorn Strand and by Barbara Elwell. John Blankenbaker continued with "Notes on the Colony of 1714, Part II, The Hiatus."  He has had a note on the daughters of Peter Fleshman.

March: Helen Spurlin started "John Paul Vogt, Part 1." David Boles wrote "The Children of Jacob Coons (1740-1807) and John Coons (1742-1839)." John Blankenbaker had Part 3 of "Notes on the Colony of 1714, Relationship to Lt. Gov. Spotswood." Many very short notes concluded the issue.

May: John Blankenbaker reproduced information on "Anna Catharina Friesenhagen." Margaret Squires wrote "The Immigrant Christopher Zimmerman." Fred Westcott translated information entitled "Description of the Schwaigern Parish." Helen Spurlin continued "John Paul Vogt" with the second part of it. Mary Wiley wrote "The Children of Peter Hitt and Lucy Rosser."

July: John Blankenbaker reproduced information on "The Hebron Lutheran Church." A companion article by him was "Who Built the Hebron Lutheran Church?" The D. R. Carpenter map of the first patents in Madison County, Virginia was reproduced. John Blankenbaker reproduced the information that is contained in "Some Land Patents."

September: Susan Pottenger White wrote "John Railsback." Doris Gibbons wrote "George Cook (Koch)." John Blankenbaker wrote about the silver mine of Spotswood and Graffenried in "Spotswood and Graffenried in Partnership." John about the letter of Spotswood to Col. Harrison which Spotswood wrote in 724. A photo of the Schwaigern church by James W. Barnett was a part of the issue. A one page map showed the old West Germany.

November: John Blankenbaker wrote "Where Did the Colony of 1717 First Settle?" which included a small map. A photo of the Gemmingen church, taken by James Barnett, was included. The issue was concluded with the annual surname index.

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