Highlights of the Year 1989

January: The first issue of Beyond Germanna started with an explanation of why it was being published. A map showed the area in Germany from where most of the Second Colony came. Margaret James Squires wrote "The Mother of My Wife" which disclosed the name of Maria Sabina Huffman's mother. John Blankenbaker speculated some on the Mrs. Squires' research. There was a book review section which in this issue was devoted to the Germanna Foundation publications.

March: Jean Strand wrote "Gleanings from Parish Records in Germany." A note with map on the Little Fork Community was reproduced. John Blankenbaker wrote about "The Hebron Church Register." Several short notes served to introduce readers to other readers.

May: For Mother's Day and Memorial Day, John Blankenbaker wrote about "Anna Barbara Schoen." Mrs. Robert Rouse wrote "John Rouse." John Blankenbaker wrote "Rouses in the Hebron Church Register." "The Virginia Germans" by Klaus Wust was highlighted in the book review. Many people wrote a paragraph telling something about their interests.

July: Mary Wiley wrote "A Visit to the Hebron Lutheran Church." David Boles wrote "The Family of James and Catherine Fishback Atwood." John Blankenbaker examined the question of why Germans emigrated in the article "Why?" He also wrote "Influences of the 1709 Emigration on the 1714 and 1717 Colonies." Ralph and Star Rowland wrote "Christopher Barler/Parlur."

September: Ardys V. Hurt wrote "Johann Frederick Baumgardner." Louise Keyser Cockey wrote "Henry and Susanna Miller." John Blankenbaker wrote the first part of "Misconceptions of the 1717 Immigration." Part II was also included in the same issue. He also wrote about "The Mount Pony Settlement."

November: Ardys Hurt wrote "Robert Fleshman of Greenbrier County, West Virginia." John Blankenbaker wrote "Notes on the Colony of 1714." William Martin wrote "William and Elizabeth (Browne) Martin." Margaret Kilpatrick wrote about her trip to Germany. John Blankenbaker wrote "Differences in English and German Immigrants." The surname index closed the issue and volume.

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